Best chop Saw Reviews With Buying Guideline – All Are Evaluated


Almost every one of us often needed to make precise cuts in wood, metal and another type of materials on weekly basis. Also, professionals find it very common to do these types of jobs on their work piece. So the fact is, it’s a must for every house to have an electric saw in their store room. And from other types of electric saw, the chop saw is one of the most important ones. But you can easily get confused with so many models and sizing if you go to market without having prior knowledge in them. So, for giving you a hand, here is our best chop saw reviews that explains everything you need to know about chop saws. From deep research and expert reviews, we have filtered out the best chop saw and added details chop saw review over here.


For whom this product is best?
  • Household workers who manage simple project.
  • Students who have metal projects for school.
  • Professional workers who deal big project.
  • Industrial workers who manage lots of deal.


Top 5 Listed Best Chop Saw Reviews By Editor Choice

01. RAGE2 Evolution power Tool Chop Saw Reviews

The very first of the best chop saw reviews is Evolution Power Tool chop saw. Many reasons lie behind putting this in the very first place. It’s one of those few models that uses professional range technologies that makes cutting steel, wood, aluminum easier. Also, it produces less heat, leaves an instantly workable finish and produces no spark at all.Evolution power Tool Chop Saw Reviews

Production Specification
  • Dimension: 23 x 12 x 24 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 46 pounds.
  • Colors Available:
  • Compatible Material: Plastic, Metal, Wood etc.
  • Power Source:
  • Blade Size: 14’’.
  • Warranty: 4 years limited warranty.
Product Features

The features and feature benefits are listed below so that you can differentiate the product from other models and check the compatibility with your need as well-

  • Multi-purpose Cutting Technology
    This tool offers an advanced multipurpose cutting technology. You can use it to cut any of aluminum, wood (with embedded nails) or mild steel, steel etc.
  • Solid Inner Parts and Structure
    The Evolution Power chop saw has been equipped with high-tech advanced parts and parcels like high-grade 36T TCT blade, optimized gearbox, hi-torque motor etc. for reliable cutting service.
  • Less Heat, Spark, and Noise Production
    It creates low-noise and low-spark features and that’s what made this model most famous.
  • Heavier in weight, easier to work with.
  • Cuts metals, woods, and plastics like the hot knife.
  • Remains strong after even 300 cuts.
  • Provides burr-free, clean cuts.
  • Massive blade hat provides high-precision cuts.
  • Have to struggle a bit with the cutting angle.
  • The joint of saw head and the blade comes to be loose eventually.
Final Verdict

After the entire review, we can say that this is one of the best available models within a budget. We highly recommend going for a deal if you are looking for a long-lasting [professional tool for home and industrial purpose.


02. DEWALT D28710 Abrasive Chop Saw Reviews

The second of our chop saw reviews is DEWALT D28710 14-Inch Abrasive Chop Saw which is also one of the most popular chop saw models on Amazon. With a powerful 15 A/ 4 HP motor speed, it can provide an enormous cutting service on any sort f materials like steel, steel-based alloys, mild metals, wood etc.DEWALT D28710 Abrasive Chop Saw Reviews

Production Specification
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds.
  • Dimension:9 x 14.6 x 17 inches.
  • Colors available:
  • Power Source:
  • Preferred Voltage:
  • Batteries Available:
  • Warranty Details: 3 years limited warranty.
Product Features
  • Comfortable and Smooth Design
    The ergonomically and smoothly designed D-shaped handle provides comfortable and easy hand position while cutting.
  • Durable and Heavy Performance
    The tool is a heavy-duty and durable model to conceive any amount of continuous workload.
  • Accuracy and Precision
    The DEWALT Abrasive chop saw provided more accurate and précised cutting service with calculated tolerance at work.
  • Best uses at light workloads.
  • Flip-up worm thread and blade installed without an adapter.
  • Long-servicing and more durable instead of cheaper models.
  • Best at angle cuts.
  • The motor draws a 20 amps power initially. Need to change the switch/motor if so.
  • Creates some problems often with the cutting of flat steel plates.
Final Verdict

Although the DEWALT D28710 had been complained to have some issues with the blade and cutting disability of some kinds of steels, still it is the best saw for light works and home shopping works. Considering, the price this may be a bit higher than the budget, but if you purchase it, it won’t make you regret the deal.


03. PORTER-CABLE PCE700 Chop Saw Review

The Porter Cable PCE700 is such a chopping saw that covers up with a 14″ blade and 15 amp electric powers. The innovative features like quick-release material clamp provide a smooth and easy metal removal.PORTER-CABLE PCE700 Chop Saw Review

Production Specification
  • Item Weight: 32 pounds.
  • Dimension:7 x 14 x 17.1 inches.
  • Cord length: 8 feet.
  • Power Source: Chorded electric.
  • Preferred Voltage:
  • Batteries Available:
  • Warranty Details: 3 years limited warranty.
Product Features
  • Quick-Release Material Clamp
    In the Porter cable PCE700, there is a material clamp that is supposed to speed up the extra cuts of the metal. Also, there is cutting the fence to provide neat and clean cutting experience.
  • Built in Spark Deflector
    Another added feature in the Porter Cable PCE700 is a smart spark deflector. It serves in two ways: first and foremost, it provides a safety to the user, secondly, it proved an unobstructed and perfect line of sight of cutting.
  • Spindle Lock
    Spindle lock system that makes the chop saw blades to change quickly and also an ease of the operation.
  • Cuts straight.
  • Consistency while cutting with the angle.
  • A quick release features with the clamp.
  • From some users, the motor is complained to be weak.
  • The structure is not eligible for heavyweight works.
Final Verdict

Finally, this best chop saw is one of the tools which you can purchase within a budget. Not ready for heavy weight works, but still it can be one of the best choices for light works on any kind of metals and materials.


04. Milwaukee Abrasive 14” Chop Saw Reviews

In our best chop saw reviews, now we will talk about Milwaukee Abrasive 14” Chop Saw, another recommended saw within a budget. The 14″ blade equipped with a powerful 15 amp and 4 HP motor can be suitable for fast cutting on bundles, angle cutting, channel cutting, tubing etc. The price-quality ratio is also within the budget of the usual customers.Milwaukee Abrasive 14” Chop Saw Reviews

Production Specification
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Dimension: 23 x 15 x 17 inches.
  • Preferred Voltage:
  • Preferred Wattage: 1800 watts.
  • Batteries Available:
  • Warranty Details: 5 years limited warranty.
Product Features
  • A Tool of Heavyweight Duty
    With the heavyweight size and larger blade dimension, this tool can serve you at any sort of industrial or household heavyweight works.
  • Portability and Durability
    This is one of the few models that offers both portability and flexibility without making any single effect on the workload and durability of the tool.
  • Protection
    This model has got some oversized wheel guards system that will provide maximum protection to the user.
  • Serves its best with a diamond blade.
  • An upgrade over any old model saws of similar price range.
  • Durable and précised service guarantee.
  • Incompatible with material bodies like balusters of a loft rail etc.
  • May face some interruption at the service is not lubricated regularly.
Final Verdict

In our best chop saw reviews, we recommend this product for heavyweight and budget friendly purchase. Though it won’t work like a similar model of the higher price, still people are having good experience with it as long as our research in concerned.


05. Hitachi CC14SFS 14’’ Portable Chop Saw Review

Hitachi CC14SFS is the next model of our best chop saw reviews. It’s a well known model and mostly famous because of its portable and lightweight feature. It serves both homemade and heavyweight works and also a budget friendly product.Hitachi CC14SFS 14’’ Portable Chop Saw Review

Production Specification
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds.
  • Dimension:2 x 12.4 x 17 inches.
  • Usage: Hard materials.
  • Power Source: Chorded electric.
  • Preferred Voltage:
  • Batteries Available:
  • Warranty Details: 5 years limited warranty.
Product Features
  • Portability and Lightweight Features
    This model is well known as a portable and lightweight chop saw that works fine. It’s also easy to use on any kind of work site.
  • Safe Cautions
    The model has got some of the finest safety options to the users. It has got trigger switch, adjustable start chute and added lock-off button.
  • Easy for Angle Cutting
    The model is one of the referred tool for angle cutting. Also, easy mounting and easy removal of the cut-off wheel has increased its appeal.
  • The flexibility of both 45 degrees left and right cutting.
  • Cuts up to metals like 2″ square tubes easily.
  • Consistent and accurate cutting experience.
  • Often fails to provide heavy duty because of the medium-gauge stamped base.
  • Doesn’t have a roller on the base cover.
Final Verdict

The last model of our best chop saw reviews is featured with so much precised equipment and also it comes up with a lot of useful accessories. Most of all considering all of the pros and cons, I suggest it to be a good purchase.


The Best Chop Saw Guide For Buyer’s

Now, being reviewed with 5 of the best chop saws, we would like you to choose your own. But as long as the purpose of use, the required features, and the budget varies a lot from person to person, here we are providing a buying guideline for chop saw purchase-

What you will keep in mind while buying a chop saw are-

  1. Think About Purpose of Use

    Firstly, you have to decide that where you will be using your chop saw. Because chop saw models vary from purpose. As the example- Wood works and metal works need different types of chop saws. Apart from the workplace, also consider the amount of material you will be working in, and the amount of time you are going to use it. As an example- little metals works for hobby projects require a mini chop saw, but industrial purposes require a chop saw off large capacity and dimensions.

  2. Chop Saw Blade Use

    The surface on where the blade will be used will determine which type of chop saw you should be looking for. Here is a brief of the available types of blade use-For metal chop saw, the surface of blade use will be either Steel or Non-ferrous metals. In the other hands, for wood chop saws, the type of work surface will be either of Lumber, Hardwood or Plywood.

  3. Blade Change and Spark Guard

    Make sure that your chop saw allows you to change the blade when needed and also it has a spark guard while working. These kinds of precautions will often save your hands or limbs from being burnt while working.

  4. Other Features of Chop Saw

    Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the other factors that need to be considered as buying factors are- Adjustable fence facilities, Easy Vise Adjustment, A soft and smooth start, Portability and durability.


Cord Style of Best Chop Saw

With the chop saw reviews, we also want you to know the chord variations of the chop saw so that you don’t face trouble while closing or changing your chords of a chop saw. Here is a derails analysis for chop saw chords. Have an idea on each of them and chose your model while needed-

Length of the Chop Saw Chord
While adjusting the chord of the chop saw, don’t use extended chords for chop saws. Because chord extensions cause a huge trouble and often can mess up your work environment. So, don’t use a chord that is longer than your purpose. Leaving an extension of the chord coiled may cause accidents if inserts into the machine.

Types of Plugs

It is also important to choose the exact type of plug required for chop saw chords. I personally recommend using three pong and grounded extension cords for the best chopping service with your chop saw. Also, you have to keep the voltage drop in mind.


Accessories with Best Chop Saw List

With any of the purchases of chop saws, these following accessories are required to complete successful cutting operations with minimum amount of hassles-

  • Chop Saw Stands

    This is the base on which you will keep the chop saw and keep working with the cutting tool. So, for work precision, also for heavy duty work, this is important. The available types of the chop saw reviews are- Rolling Miter Saw stand, Compact meter saw stand, heavy duty Metal saw stand, Heavy duty work stand, Heavy duty work stand with mounting brackets etc.

  • Chop Saw Extension Support

    For the extended parts of a chop saw like extended chords etc. another accessory is provided named Chop saw extension support. This is of two types- Chop saw extended support and chop saw stand material support and stop, wide chop saw stand material support and stop.

  • Others Accessories

    Apart from the above-mentioned accessories, there are some other tools for supporting chop saw like- Chop saw LED work light system, crowns stop (for particular models of the chop saw), extension kit, length stop, material clamp, vertical clamp, replacement car etc.


In conclusion chop saw has become one of the most important tools for machining for both industrial and household purposes. Even it’s needed for school kids for their projects. And nowadays, as much as technical features are being embedded with these types of tools. So, considering all aspect, we would really suggest you to choose your best chop saw from our top chop saw reviews considering every aspect. Also, a healthy budget0quality relationship is supposed to be maintained.

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