Best Scroll Saw Reviews Top 5 With Buying Guideline


Workpieces are vastly used nowadays almost in every house. It is a decorative piece of your room. To make a flawless workpiece you need the best scroll saw available in our market. Now the first question which can bug your head that is what is a scroll saw? Scroll saw is a machine used for the designation and shaping or forming a decorative structure. This scroll saw reviews will surely help you to choose more easily, more comfortably which one will suit you best according to your budget, your need and type of working. However, we’ve listed here top 5 scroll saws available in market.


Whom Is These Products For?

It is a widely used tool in our daily days. As because of the mercy of the advanced technology people can satisfy their mind with these amazing result from the scroll saw. It is designed especially for-

  • For the wooden industry who make workpieces for decorative purposes.
  • People can also use it personally as because it is user-friendly to make shape and formation of their own.


Top 5 Listed Best Scroll Saw Reviews By Editor Choice:

Now it’s time for us to introduce to you about the best scroll saw. However, it is listed randomly not by any ratings or rankings or by public choice or any other else. Considering all the facts and measurements the list is given below-


01: WEN (model no: 3920) Scroll Saw

If you are looking for some artistic workpieces the WEN 3920 scroll saw is here for full filling your purposes. This is an iron made saw which will help you to cut easily. It helps you have a smooth finishing as it has sharpened blades to work on the piece of wood. This is listed in our top scroll saw reviews because of its unique dust clean system and powerful motor. It can be your best choice to buy. Other specifications are given below.WEN-3920 16 inch Variable Flexible scrool saw

Product Specification
  • Item Weight: 26.9 pounds.
  • Item Size: 24x11x13 inches.
  • of Blades: Two.
  • The size of Blades: 5-inches.
  • The speed of Blades: 400-1600 strokes per minutes.
  • The size of Dust holder: 1.5inches.
  • Electrical Components: Powered by an electric.
  • Table Measurement: 16inch/10inch.
  • Bevel Degree: 45 Degrees.
  • Warranty: Limited two-year warranty.
Product Features
  • This scroll saw comes with the brilliant feature of sawdust cleaner. For which the dust after or while cutting a wood doesn’t affect the blades at all which gives long lasting capacity.
  • Another best feature of this scroll saw is the basement is made of full iron which ensures the durability and stability.
  • There are two types of blades available with its. One is pinned blade and other is the pinless There is also a storage location to store the blades safely.
  • Highly efficient motor.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Smooth finishing.
  • Built-in LED light.
  • Air pumping system to remove sawdust.
  • Basement is of iron which helps lower the vibration.
  • The speed is easily adjustable.
  • Blade changes are easily possible.
  • Clamp to hold the entire saw machine.
  • Rust free.
  • Sometimes the air pump might not work properly because of not knowing the function properly.
  • No warranty of blades.
Final Verdict

Obviously, WEN scroll saw deserves to be listed in our best scroll saw reviews. All the given specification meets the criteria that the buyers want. So it is undoubtedly the best choice for yours.


02: PORTER-CABLE (model no: PCB375SS) Scroll Saw

This Porter-Cable scroll saw is one of the best scrolls saw for its uniqueness of cutting, immerse motor capacity and many other else. In these scroll saw reviews, we will get to know about the scroll saw machine from the manufacturer of Porter-Cable. Now let’s take a short look on the feature of one of our best scroll saw.18 inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand

Product Specification
  • Item Weight: 45.9pounds.
  • Item Size: 34x24x45 inches.
  • The capacity of Motor: 1.6 Amp.
  • Size of Blades: 5-inches.
  • The speed of Blades: 500-1500 strokes per minutes.
  • Cutting depth: Maximum 2.25 inches.
  • Electrical Components: Powered by an electric.
  • Table Measurement: 20”x12.625”
  • Bevel Degree: 45 Degrees right and 15 degrees left.
  • Warranty: Limited three-year warranty.
Product Features
  • The table on which the saw machine is situated has a tilting facility 45 degrees right and 15 degrees left which ensures comfortable working.
  • The table is too large to work for the large piece of work.
  • Though it has an enormous speed ranging from 500-1500 but you can easily control the speed according to your own.
  • It has built in LED and dust blower feature.
  • Well engineered table to hold the machine.
  • Enhanced motor capacity.
  • Superb smooth cutting.
  • For night working there is a LED light.
  • Blade speed is adjustable.
  • Compact design.
  • Responsible service from the manufacturer.
  • As the machine is on top of the table so if you do not handle carefully it might fall and occur serious problems.
  • Heavyweight causes transporting problem.
Final Verdict

Overall, the above mention features considering all the pros and some negligible cons make it be listed in our top 5 best scrolls saw reviews.  Its amazing working capacity and unique sawdust blower technology and blade changing facility with other features is surely your best choice to buy.


03: DEWALT(model no: DW788) Scroll Saw

If you are looking for a best compact design scroll saw tool then this can be your best choice as it has a powerful motor with a sharpened blade which is highly recommended for smooth finishing and gorgeous outlook. Now let’s discuss briefly the features why it is listed in our best scroll saw reviews.DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Product Specification
  • Item Weight: 65.6 pounds.
  • Item Size: 29.5×19.5×12.1 pounds.
  • Motor Capacity: 1.3 amp.
  • Blade Speed: 400-1750 strokes per minute.
  • Electrical Components: Powered with an electric cord.
  • Warranty: Limited warranty of three years and one-year free service.
Product Features
  • Highly professional engineered design helps the scroll saw to reduce vibration with the help of a parallel joined arm.
  • Strong motor capacity helps you to cut deeply up to 2 inches.
  • It has the bevel capacity of tilting 45 degrees right and same degrees left .
  • You can remove the blade so much easily and substitute with another one.
  • Durable metallic surface.
  • Very easy to change the blade.
  • Heavy work-ability capacity.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Great tool for designing puzzle.
  • Frequently blade changing might cause the problem to the blade holder.
  • As because of heavy weight too tough to move around
Final Verdict

Considering all the measures we can come to a conclusion that it can be the best scroll saw for many woodworkers. Within the low market price and high efficient of working capacity, it is highly recommendable for the buyers.


04: DELTA (model no: 40-694) Scroll Saw

DELTA is a well-renowned name in woodworking business industry as it has been making many effective tools for woodworkers. The scroll saw of DELTA manufacturer is now on top of our list of best scroll saw as it satisfies many fundamental needs though it has some other amazing features too. Let’s go through a short description.Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Product Specification
  • Item Weight:60 pounds.
  • Item Size: 30x20x13 inches.
  • Motor Capacity: 1.3 Amp.
  • The size of Blades: 20 inches.
  • The speed of Blades: 400-1750 strokes per minute.
  • Electrical Components: Powered by an electric.
  • Table Measurement: 16”x24”.
  • Bevel Degree: 0-45 degrees both in left and right.
  • Warranty: Limited warranty of 5-years.
Product Features
  • It has an extra place to store the blades more safely. There you can put two blades which are straight.
  • The table has the tilting capacity.
  • It comes with the dust controlling feature which clears the dust of the surface and keeps the blades free from any kind of dust.
  • The speed of the blade is easily controllable. You can change the speed according to your own.
  • Easy to control speed.
  • Built-in dust controller.
  • Almost simple to operate.
  • Comfortable to handle.
  • No LED light for working at the night time.
  • No, stand facility for height adjustment.
Final Verdict

Comparing all the pros and cons alongside the features we can get an idea why it is listed among our best scroll saw reviews. Due to the compact design and with the facility of some other features like dust controlling and speed controlling it is in your scroll saw reviews.


05: DREMEL (model no: ms2001) Scroll Saw

This is one of the best scroll saw of the modern area, the DREMEL Scroll Saw. For the portable size and easy operating facility, it is a very popular scroll sawing tool that we are going to review today. Let’s take a short look on the product why it is listed as best our scroll saw reviews.

Production Specification
  • Item Weight: 4.7 pounds.
  • Item Size: 18.5×14.5×4.8 inches.
  • Electrical Components: Powered with an electric cord.
  • Voltage Required: 120 volts.
Product Features
  • It comes with the facility to cut various types of materials.
  • It has a very well facility to attach the base to various tables and wherever necessary.
  • The blade of this scroll saw is easily and quickly changeable without issuing any problem.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of blades such as wooden blades, plastic blades, metal blades etc.
  • Almost easy to handle and operate.
  • Comes with 10 blades inside the packet.
  • No transportation problem.
  • For the lightweight, it is easy to carry.
  • The blades might be broken easily as there is no base.
  • As it has a clamp base so sometimes it may seem problem while adjusting with tables.
Final Verdict

Finally, we can come to a conclusion that because of the portable size and less complex operation it can be your best choice to buy if you want to decorate your home by your own.


The Best Scroll Saw Guide for Buyer’s

Here in this section, we will give an idea about the total view of a scroll saw tool and how to buy it or before buying which facts and features should you need to know.


You’ve to decide for which purpose you have to buy. Suppose for making a large piece of wooden work you need one kind of scroll saw, for a small piece of work it’s useless to buy the same scroll saw or for designing a puzzle or jigsaw you need another kind of scroll saw. In our above-mentioned list of top 5, best scroll saw reviews we’ve discussed all these. So, first of all, you must have to take the vital decision then come to the list and see which satisfies your need and thus decorate your home, office or other else.


After choosing which type of scroll saw you need, you have to look for the speed of the blades. There is a wide range of blade speeds available now in the market. But you have to know which material how you have to operate blade. Otherwise, you won’t get the smooth finishing. If you operate the machine too fast then you won’t get your desired shape and if you operate it too slowly you will get a rough surface. So it is very important to know at which speed you’ve to operate the scroll saw.


Many scrolls saw tools offer you a bevel degree of tilting. Bevel capacity is very important and very comfortable while working. If you are using table beneath the scroll saw you can have an adjustable height which is comfortable for working. Generally, it varies from 0 degrees to 45 degrees both from the left side and right side. This feature is also included in our list of scroll saw reviews.


Before buying the best scroll saw you need to be very concern about the warranty and service from the manufacturer. As everyone wants a long lasting tool so it is obvious to know about the warranty or guaranty of the product. Some scroll saw come with only limited time warranty, some with limited time warranty and free service contract and some with the full changing of products if any technical problem happened. But after all, you’ve to use it carefully.


Tips and Tricks

Hope you’ve already read the buying guideline. If not then here is some tips and tricks for buying the best scroll saw available in the market. First of all, if you’ve to decide for which purpose you are going to buy the scroll saw. Then after taking the decision the vital part is in which depth you want to cut your wood. All the above mentioned best scroll saws are given with the cutting capacity. So it will be easy to choose if you go through all these.


Scroll Saw Cord Style

There are many scrolls saw patterns available in the market. But the most common is the electric – corded power system. The top 5 best scroll saws we’ve discussed earlier all are electric-corded. Now a question may arise in your mind that what’s the difference between the electric cord and a battery system. The main difference is the electrical system can take a high pressure and high voltage to operate the motor and give you the best cutting experience. There is another type of cord style rarely available, it is the cordless system. The cordless system is not highly efficient for this purposes.



As you are going to buy the best scroll saws available in the market, so you also need to be concern about the accessories available with the scroll saw tool. You can buy extra blades so that you can change it at urgent moments of your working if you need. You can buy a case for the scroll saw tools of your to ensure its long lasting.


Safety Options

As the total scroll saw tool deals with the blades so it is a must necessary thing to take safety measures and to get about to know about the other risk factors. Here you are going to discuss what type of accidents can occur and what measures we can take to prevent all these. First of all, you should keep a safe distance while working and after working you should keep the blades in safe storage. While tilting the machine might fall down, so while moving you should be very conscious about that. Another important note is, you should to know how to use a scroll saw carefully.


Here in this scroll saw reviews we not only discussed the top 5 best scroll saw but also gave an idea which one suits your need. This will surely go to help you. Because after reading all these you will get a complete idea and full bunch of knowledge and decide it by your own which best scroll saw from our list you are going to buy. Now it’s time for you to decorate your home with the best saw we’ve discussed earlier. It is of sure beneficial for you and you will be totally worth to buy the scroll saw after reading these reviews on top 5 scroll saw.

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