Becoming a mother is an unparalleled experience, marked by the arrival of a baby, a profound gift accompanied by a multitude of responsibilities. Undoubtedly, one of the most frequent and necessary tasks is changing diapers. Having an efficient baby changing station is crucial in ensuring your baby’s comfort and hygiene during these frequent changes.

Premium-grade baby changing stations are meticulously crafted with a concave surface, providing a suitable area for seamlessly changing your baby’s clothes or diapers. These stations are equipped with various additional features, including ample storage compartments for storing essential baby items.

However, selecting the perfect baby changing station can be a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, a range of excellent options is available to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Each of the stations listed below boasts commendable qualities, aiding you in identifying the most suitable one that aligns with your requirements and lifestyle.

Top 10 Best Baby Changing Station in 2024 – Best Guide
Top 13 Best Baby Changing Station in 2024 – Best Guide

Top 13 Best Baby Changing Station in 2024

13. Babyletto Sprout 3-Drawer Changing Table

The Babyletto Sprout stands as the Goldilocks of changing tables—striking the perfect balance in size, height, and pricing. It sits at that ideal middle ground, making it a versatile and attractive choice for any nursery. Weighing in at 99 pounds, this sturdy piece boasts quality craftsmanship, crafted from pine and manufactured wood. Equipped with smooth-glide drawers, it incorporates several safety features, including an anti-tip kit and drawers designed to prevent full extension, minimizing the risk of tipping and injuries. Consciously made, it holds Greenguard certification and utilizes low VOC materials. Thanks to its storage drawers and removable changing topper, it seamlessly transitions from a changing table to a dresser, serving both functions with style.

12. Graco Benton Changing Table

The Graco Benton Changing Table cleverly combines two essential nursery pieces into one, optimizing space efficiency. Its open shelves, initially designed for diaper supplies, adapt seamlessly to accommodate toys and books as your child grows. Greenguard Gold and JPMA-certified, this changing table is about 34 inches in width, offering ample storage on deep shelves. With a sturdy build and affordability, it includes an anti-tip safety kit and features a removable changing topper for added convenience.

11. Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Extra-Wide Nursery Dresser And Topper Set

The Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Extra-Wide Nursery Dresser and Topper Set stands out for its quality, style, and enduring functionality. Its ample size allows for a seamless transition to a full-size dresser as your baby grows. Ideal in height for parents, it features small drawers at the top, perfect for children’s clothes and diapers. Once the diaper stage is over, the seven drawers provide efficient sorting for all types of clothing. The topper is easily removable, and it comes in five classic colors, matching the Kendall nursery collection at Pottery Barn Kids. Greenguard Gold certified and constructed from solid Sap Gum wood and manufactured wood in a Fair Trade certified factory, this dresser includes pre-tested anti-tip kits and adjustable levelers for stability on any floor condition. Notably, it arrives fully assembled through white glove delivery services.

10. Foundations SafetyCraft Baby Changing Station

The foundations offer a chic and sophisticated baby changing station designed to blend seamlessly with modern aesthetics. Crafted from durable, high-density polyethylene, this station not only ensures longevity but also boasts easy-clean properties, naturally resisting bacterial buildup. Its sleek design effortlessly complements various decor styles and is particularly appealing to cost-conscious customers.

Moreover, upon proper installation, these stations comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations. Equipped with an in-built liner dispenser, necessary mounting hardware, as well as a buckle and safety strap, this unit prioritizes convenience and safety.

This versatile unit caters to a wide range of needs and suits various budgetary and design specifications for restroom facilities. Specifically, its wall-mounted horizontal design makes it an excellent fit for commercial settings such as newly constructed spaces, public restrooms, preschools, and daycares. Additionally, it comes complete with all the essential mounting hardware required for installation.


  • Premium-grade steel-on-steel hinge
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Wall-mounted horizontally design
  • Durable &inherently bacteria resistant construction material
  • Holds 250 lbs
  • Smooth concave changing surface
  • Inbuilt Liner Dispensers

9. Foundations Worldwide Polyethylene Baby Changing Station, Vertical Surface

Foundations’ baby changing stations boast an exquisite design that effortlessly complements various decor styles. Constructed from premium-quality polyethylene, these stations are not only durable and easy to clean but also inherently resistant to bacterial growth. What sets this changing table apart is its EZ installation backer plate, allowing easy attachment to restroom walls—an advantage not found in many other changing stations. Compliant with ADA regulations, this model comes equipped with built-in liner dispensers, necessary mounting hardware, as well as a buckle and strap for added safety.

To ensure optimal support and durability, this baby changing station incorporates gas shock and high-quality steel-on-steel hinges. Additionally, it features a smooth concave changing platform and an easy-to-clean strap and buckle system, providing a secure environment for changing your baby.


  • Premium grade gas shock & steel-on-steel hinge
  • Has buckle & straps for safety
  • Smooth concave changing platform
  • Inbuilt-In liner dispensers
  • Come with EZ Mount-backer plate
  • Incorporated coat/bag hook
  • Includes 100% high-density polyethylene

8. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Baby Changing Station

Rubbermaid Commercial’s Baby Changing Station is specifically crafted for commercial settings, prioritizing functionality and durability. Constructed from high-density polypropylene that is resistant to moisture absorption, this station ensures longevity. It adheres to global standards such as ASTM, EN, ADA, FDA, and safety guidelines.

The sturdy design of this station includes an accessory shelf to conveniently store items within quick reach, along with baby-safe hooks. The changing table’s smooth surface facilitates easy cleaning, catering to practicality.

Caregivers will appreciate the user-friendly design, featuring safety straps and a curved changing surface to secure babies during diaper changes. The one-handed, convenient opening and hinge structure, coupled with a hidden pneumatic cylinder, ensure a controlled and smooth closing and opening of the table.

Moreover, each station is infused with an antimicrobial agent, preventing the growth of bacteria that cause stains and odors. This feature significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, an integrated dispenser can accommodate up to 40 disposable liners, adding to the station’s convenience.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Curved changing surface with safety straps
  • Constructed from HDPE
  • Constructed of sturdy yet durable materials for antimicrobial protection
  • Inbuilt shelf plus liner storage
  • Inbuilt accessory shelf alongside hooks

7. Koala Kare Vertical KB101-00 Cream Baby Changing Station

Crafted from high-density polyethylene with Microban antimicrobial protection, Koala Kare’s Baby Changing Station is designed to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The changing area is both concave and smooth, equipped with two hooks for bags or purses and a nylon safety strap to ensure optimal safety for the baby. Notably, this unit is adorned with universal instruction graphics and safety messages in Braille, covering six languages.

In addition to its innovative design, the changing station comes with built-in liner dispenser, steel hinges, and mounting brackets. The pneumatic gas spiral mechanism provides a controlled, one-handed operation for both closing and opening the changing surface. Impressively, the construction of this unit incorporates 47% recycled materials, meeting or exceeding ASTM safety requirements. This commitment to sustainability adds an environmentally friendly dimension to the station’s overall features.


  • Built-in liner cavity and two bag hooks
  • Incorporates child safety straps
  • Supports 55 pounds
  • Its construction includes 46% recycled materials

6. Continental Commercial 8252-H Horizontal White Baby Changing Station

Continental’s Changing Station stands out with its concave shelf design, preventing the baby from rolling down. Constructed from premium polythene material, it effectively inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring a hygienic environment. The station features heavy-duty safety straps that are easily adjustable, prioritizing the child’s safety. Additionally, the spacious design enhances the baby’s protection and comfort during use.

These changing stations are not only versatile and safe but also compliant with applicable regulations. The unit is easy to clean and equipped with dual liner dispensers, pneumatic shocks, bag hooks, and non-absorbent safety straps, providing convenience for caregivers. The thoughtful design elements contribute to a user-friendly and hygienic experience for both the baby and the caregiver.


  • High-Density Polyethylene Material
  • Plastic Lined-Bed Liners
  • Pneumatic Shocks
  • Has concave shelf alongside safety straps for toddler security
  • Has pneumatic shocks
  • Supports up to 250 lb.
  • Inbuilt dual liner dispensers

5. Badger Basket Baby changing station

Elevate your baby’s comfort with the innovative Infant Diaper Corner Changing Station from Badger Basket. Renowned for its exceptional design, this changing station comes complete with baskets and hampers. Notably, it stands out as a unique solution with detachable clothes hampers on both sides, providing ample storage. The materials used include 35% cotton and 65% polyester, ensuring a blend of comfort and durability.

Adding to its uniqueness, this diaper changing station features a surface with a distinctive angle, optimizing space usage. It includes essential components such as a fabric pad cover, changing pad, hampers, storage drawer, and basket. Fortunately, the incorporated drawer/basket and drawers are detachable, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance. This thoughtful design not only enhances functionality but also ensures a convenient and hygienic diaper-changing experience for both caregivers and babies.


  • Includes fabric pad cover
  • Comes with detachable hamper basket
  • Storage basket/drawer
  • Supports 30lbs.
  • Has angled side panels

4. TUSY White Granite Baby Changing Station

Ensure your child’s safety with the Tusy Baby Changing Station. Crafted from premium-quality polypropylene, a robust and durable plastic, this product by Tusy stands out for its strength and longevity. Setting it apart from other changing stations, it comes with pre-organized equipment for easy wall installation, making it a convenient choice for professional institutions and office restrooms.

With a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds, this changing station is both sturdy and reliable. The concave resting top, coupled with a comfortable safety belt, ensures the baby is secure, preventing any unexpected movements during a diaper change. The inclusion of a placement box provides a practical storage solution for all necessary items during the diaper-changing process.

Importantly, the Tusy Baby Changing Station holds certifications from ADA, FDA, and ASTM safety standards, providing peace of mind to caregivers. This ensures that the product meets stringent safety requirements, underscoring its commitment to the well-being of both caregivers and babies.


  • Multi-functional design
  • Comfortable and concave resting surface
  • High-density polypropylene plastic
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Durable and strong construction

3. Koala Kare KB200-01 Grey Baby Changing Station

Crafted with a unibody steel chassis and polypropylene, the Koala Kare baby changing station boasts a robust construction capable of supporting approximately 200 pounds with minimal deflection. The steel-on-steel hinge not only enhances durability but also provides greater resistance to abrasion. The gas spring mechanism ensures smooth closing and opening, adding to the convenience of use. Its color palette and sleek design are well-suited to complement modern décor and restroom designs.

Notably, the changing station features a dual liner cavity with a lock, discouraging potential vandalism and minimizing operator refills. Child protection is prioritized with incorporated bag hooks and straps. The bed platform exclusively integrates Microban antimicrobial technology, effectively reducing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Additionally, the station includes a liner dispenser with two cavities, each accommodating 25 liners, contributing to LEED certified building requirements. This comprehensive set of features makes the Koala Kare baby changing station a practical, durable, and hygienic choice for caregivers and parents alike.


  • Horizontal Wall Mounted
  • Come with bag hooks and straps
  • Weighs 50 pounds
  • Constructed of uni-body steel chassis & polypropylene
  • Supports 200 pounds
  • Incorporates steel-on-steel hinge
  • Liner dispenser alongside two liner cavities

2. Alpine Industries Foldable Baby Changing Station

Alpine Industries has established itself as a leading producer of premium-grade baby changing stations, offering innovative and solution-based products for institutional and commercial markets worldwide. Among their offerings is the foldable baby changing station, equipped with a secure safety belt and a concave resting surface for maximum comfort. This unit also features a 50-liner dispenser and an antimicrobial coating on the table surface.

This modern, sleek, and easily cleaned baby changing station from Alpine Industries is durably constructed with premium-density polypropylene plastic, ensuring long-term use and strength. Importantly, it adheres to global safety standards, including ASTM, FDA, and ADA, enhancing child protection. Alpine Industries’ commitment to quality and compliance makes their baby changing station a reliable and innovative choice for caregivers and parents seeking premium-grade solutions.


  • Concave resting surface
  • High-density polypropylene plastic
  • Supports 220 pounds
  • Its construction material incorporates a protective anti-microbial coating
  • Two Side Hooks
  • Comes with dual liner holders

1. ECR4Kids Baby Changing Station

Designed for commercial settings and various public and private washrooms, the ECR4Kids baby changing station offers a blend of safety, durability, and elegance. This station is compliant with ANSI, ASTM, and ADA standards, making it suitable for use in restrooms at institutional facilities, businesses, restaurants, and shops. Its horizontal foldable changing surface comes equipped with inbuilt safety straps.

The station features a comfortable and smooth concave changing surface, complete with an adjustable nylon toddler safety strap and a slide release mechanism to securely hold toddlers in place. Notably, it incorporates a space-saving design, making it practical for different restroom layouts. Constructed with premium-density polyethylene, a bacteria-resistant plastic, this changing station ensures durability and strength while sporting a smart neutral-white color. ECR4Kids’ commitment to safety, functionality, and aesthetics makes this baby changing station a practical choice for a variety of commercial environments.


  • Two inbuilt sanitary paper liners
  • Includes 2 diaper purse/bag hooks
  • Adjustable child-safety strap
  • Concealed pneumatic cylinder
  • Comprises of replacement safety straps alongside screws
  • High-density polyethylene plastic
  • Space-saving design

How to Choose The Best Baby Changing Station

  • Materials: The optimal choice for a baby changing station should feature materials that are super-easy to clean and inherently bacteria-resistant. It is crucial that the selected unit is not only long-lasting but also 100% safe for your toddler.
  • Design: Look for a baby changing station with a design that prioritizes both convenience and comfort. When considering a purchase, opt for a unit with a durable design that includes steel hinges and a pneumatic cylinder. While some models may have a concave design, it is advisable to choose a foldable design for added versatility.
  • Comfort: Ensure that the chosen baby changing station offers a modern, sleek, and smooth concave changing surface to maximize comfort for your toddler. Additionally, pay attention to the material used for the safety strap, opting for one made from nylon for both durability and comfort.


In conclusion, the information provided in the list above offers all the relevant details to assist you in identifying the ideal baby changing station that meets your requirements. These units are versatile, allowing you to choose based on your specific needs. Importantly, the mentioned stations are of high quality, durable, and designed to provide maximum comfort. Make your selection today and invest in a reliable baby changing station for your convenience.


What is the best baby dresser changing table in 2024?

Determining the best baby dresser changing table in 2024 can depend on individual preferences, needs, and available features in the market. It’s recommended to consider factors such as durability, safety features, storage capacity, and user reviews to make an informed decision.

Is it worth getting a baby changing unit?

Yes, a baby changing unit can be highly valuable for parents and caregivers. It provides a dedicated space for diaper changes, storage for essential items, and often includes safety features. Having a designated area for changing diapers can enhance efficiency and safety during daily care routines.

Do babies need a changing station?

While not an absolute necessity, a changing station can greatly simplify the process of diaper changes. It offers a safe and convenient space for changing diapers, storing supplies, and ensures a clean and comfortable environment for both the baby and the caregiver.

What kind of changing mat is best?

The best changing mat depends on personal preferences and needs. Look for a mat that is waterproof, easy to clean, and provides sufficient padding for the baby’s comfort. Portable and foldable mats are convenient for on-the-go diaper changes. Consider materials that are safe and free from harmful chemicals.

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