Owning a car, truck, or any preferred vehicle necessitates the possession of a comprehensive set of equipment and tools to navigate potential emergencies. Among these tools, the floor jack stands out as a crucial component, providing the requisite power whenever needed. Not only do floor jacks deliver versatility in elevating various loads, but they also exhibit efficiency and high performance. A majority of these jacks boast heavy-duty construction using industrial-grade metals, ensuring maximum power and durability.

The diversity in designs further enhances the appeal of floor jacks, promoting efficiency, versatility, and a range of functionalities. Selecting the most suitable floor jack for your specific needs involves careful consideration of various factors. Essential aspects to evaluate include load capacity, handle efficiency, size, and more. To guide you through this decision-making process, this article offers a comprehensive review of the finest floor jacks available in today’s market.

Top 10 Best Floor Jack in 2024 | Capacity Floor
Top 10 Best Floor Jack in 2024 | Capacity Floor

What is a floor jack?

A floor jack is a mechanical device used for lifting vehicles, typically automobiles, off the ground to facilitate maintenance and repair work. Also known as a car jack, it is designed to raise one end or side of a vehicle, allowing easy access to the undercarriage for tasks such as changing tires, inspecting brakes, or performing other repairs.

Floor jacks come in various types, including hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic variants. Hydraulic floor jacks are commonly used and operate by using hydraulic fluid pressure to lift the vehicle. They consist of a pump plunger that, when activated, moves hydraulic fluid into a cylinder, causing a piston to lift the vehicle.

These jacks typically have a handle for manual operation or may be connected to an air compressor for pneumatic power. They are characterized by a sturdy construction, often made of heavy-duty metal, to ensure stability and safety while lifting heavy loads.

Floor jacks play a crucial role in automotive maintenance, providing a convenient and efficient way to elevate vehicles for necessary repairs and upkeep

Top 10 Best Floor Jack in 2024

10. 3 ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack

The 3-ton Steel floor jack is a reliable tool designed to enhance the efficiency of lifting your vehicle from the ground. This outstanding floor jack boasts the capability to lift up to 3 tons, offering a lifting range from 5 to 18.25 inches with just 3.5 pumps. Its impressive performance is complemented by a knurled, long, and aluminum handle, which significantly reduces the effort required for operation. The handle not only ensures a steady and tight grip but also contributes to overall operational efficiency.

Featuring a rapid lifting mechanism, this floor jack has a substantial capacity of 6000 lbs, emphasizing super-tough precision achieved through exclusive welding. The construction is of high quality, promoting both convenience and power during usage. Additionally, the floor jack incorporates highly advanced technology, including a universal joint release that facilitates smooth and precise control at any handle angle.

In summary, the 3-ton Steel floor jack is a powerful and efficient tool that combines advanced technology, precision engineering, and user-friendly design to make the process of lifting and supporting vehicles a seamless and reliable experience.

Reasons to buy

  • Sturdy and robust industrial-grade steel construction that delivers optimal power for heavy load lifting
  • Comes with a 2-piece knurled handle that offers a good grip with foam bumper that prevents vehicle body damages


  • Can lift to 3-ton from a height of 5 to 18.25
  • Knurled, long and aluminum handle
  • Steady and tight grip
  • Capacity of 6000 lbs
  • Universal joint release
  • Smooth and precise control

9. Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

The Arcan floor jack is designed to deliver the power required for lifting your vehicle from the ground with efficiency and precision. Constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, the jack ensures smooth operations and easy movement. Despite its lightweight nature, the floor jack is heavy-duty, providing the durability needed for reliable performance.

Equipped with a dual pump piston system, this jack facilitates a rapid lifting process, effortlessly raising the floor jack saddle with just a few pumps. The reinforced and extended lift arm enhances both strength and precision control during operation. This long arm design not only contributes to chassis torsion control but also ensures the durability of the jack for prolonged use.

To protect your vehicle’s body, the jack is equipped with a rubber saddle and a foam handle bumper, preventing scratches and maintaining the aesthetic value of your car. Operating with a side mount handle, the floor jack allows you to position it conveniently for lifting, enhancing ease of use and accuracy in the lifting process.

In summary, the Arcan floor jack combines lightweight design, heavy-duty construction, and innovative features such as the dual pump piston system and extended lift arm to provide a reliable and efficient solution for lifting and supporting vehicles during maintenance and repair tasks.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes in a lightweight aluminum construction but robust and heavy-duty for optimum power
  • Uses overload and bypass valves that prevent over-extension and using beyond the capacity for durability


  • Lightweight aluminum but steady and heavy-duty
  • Dual pump piston system
  • Reinforced and long lift arm
  • Rubber saddle and foam handle bumper
  • Side mount handle
  • Overload and bypass valves

8. TONDA Floor Jack

For particular lifting needs, the Tonda floor jack promotes the efficiency that you need as it features heavy-duty and commercial-grade steel construction. It’s highly rust-resistant, robust, powerful, and durable to last and serves your needs for long. Moreover, it’s a 2-ton jack that can lift your sedan with ease. It also uses a high-performance long handle that enables you to apply minimal effort where it can lift the car with only a few pumps.

Furthermore, the floor jack offers a higher lifting range of 4.9 to 11.8 inches, thus enabling you to lift the car and replace the tire with ease effectively. It also comes with inbuilt and safety valves that prevent overstretching overloading beyond the capacity, thus promoting durability and longtime service.

Reasons to buy

  • Heavy-duty and resilient steel construction for versatile lifting needs
  • Comes with large steel castors that promote movements where it’s lightweight thus portable


  • Heavy-duty and commercial-grade steel construction
  • Rust-resistant, robust, powerful and durable
  • 2-ton jack capacity
  • High-performance long handle
  • Higher lifting range of 4.9 to 11.8 inches
  • Inbuilt and safety valves
  • Large steel castors

7. JEGS 80077 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

When in search of a low-profile floor jack, JEGS stands out as an excellent choice with its 3-ton design, offering both preference and ease of use. Constructed from lightweight yet heavy-duty aluminum, this floor jack prioritizes convenience without compromising on strength. Boasting a lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs, it provides substantial power, coupled with a higher lifting range spanning from 4 to 9/16 inches, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Notably, the floor jack features a minimum saddle height of 3.5 inches and a 360-degree rotatable design, making it well-suited and versatile for low-profile vehicles. The inclusion of wider track wheels enhances smooth maneuverability during use. Furthermore, the floor jack comes equipped with a 50-inch 2-piece long handle, complete with a protective sleeve for added safety during operation. The handle features a knurled grip, eliminating any risk of slipping and ensuring a secure hold.

In summary, the JEGS low-profile floor jack combines a thoughtful design, robust construction, and user-friendly features such as a higher lifting range, rotatable saddle, and a secure grip handle. This makes it a reliable and efficient tool for lifting and servicing low-profile vehicles with precision and ease.

Reasons to buy

  • The floor jack uses highly advanced a powerful hydraulic system for optimal power with rubber lift pads that prevent marring
  • It weighs only 58 lbs, length chassis of 26-1/2 inches, max saddle height of 19.25 inches, bypass and overload valves with hydraulic seals


  • Lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs
  • Higher lifting range of 4 to 9/16 inches
  • Saddle height of 3.5 inches and also rotatable in 360 degrees
  • Wider track wheels
  • 50 inch 2-piece long handles
  • Weighs only 58 lbs, length chassis of 26-1/2 inches
  • Bypass and overload valves

6. Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack

Craftsman introduces a unique floor jack renowned for its robust heavy-duty metal construction, delivering an impressive lifting capacity of up to 6,000 lbs. Tailored for SUVs, trucks, cars, and trailers, this powerhouse of a jack boasts unwavering strength and durability. With a lifting range spanning from 5.5 to 21.25 inches, it offers unparalleled versatility and performance, ensuring it can tackle various lifting needs effortlessly.

Ease of assembly and efficient storage capabilities are key features of this heavy-duty floor jack. Its user-friendly design simplifies assembly, while its ability to provide up to 19.25 inches of clearance space during storage speaks volumes about its practicality.

Included with the floor jack is a 36-inch creeper and smooth castor rollers that facilitate seamless maneuverability. This 3-ton marvel is equipped with an exceptional stand and creeper, elevating its lifting capabilities to optimal levels. The incorporation of exclusive welding techniques enhances its torque, allowing for the smooth lifting of loads up to 6000 lbs. Moreover, the creeper can be extended up to 36 inches, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience for the user.

Reasons to buy

  • Enables smooth operations and efficiently slips back to the leaky brakes line
  • Robust and heavy-duty construction for heavy-duty and demanding tasks


  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Capacity of up to 6,000 lbs
  • Higher lifting range from 5.5 -1.25 inches
  • Provides up to 19.25 inches clearance space
  • 36-inch creeper
  • Combines exclusive welding

5. Torin T83006 Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

The Torin floor jack stands out as an essential tool for car, truck, or SUV repairs, leveraging robust and advanced hydraulic technology to deliver optimal torque. Its distinctive long neck design significantly reduces the effort required for lifting, thereby saving time and effortlessly handling taller vehicles. With a lifting range spanning from 5 to 17.25 inches, this jack showcases exceptional efficiency for various lifting needs.

Featuring a 3-ton capacity, this floor jack relies on heavy-duty metal construction and its extended neck to achieve impressive lifting capabilities. Its large castors, capable of swiveling 360 degrees, ensure smooth maneuverability across all types of surfaces. Specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks, this jack can lift loads of up to 6000 lbs, making it particularly suitable for vehicles with increased height, such as SUVs.

Reasons to buy

  • Comes in a lightweight aluminum construction but robust and heavy-duty for optimum power
  • Uses overload and bypass valves that prevent over-extension and using beyond the capacity for durability.


  • Provides optimum torque
  • Comes with a long neck
  • Lifting range of 5 to 17.25
  • Large castors that swivel in 360 degrees
  • 6000 lbs capacity
  • Extended height

4. Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Low Profile Steel Floor

If you’re seeking a high-efficiency, low-profile jack, the Liftmaster floor jack is a compelling choice. Crafted with heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel, this jack guarantees added strength and stability, facilitating effortless vehicle lifting. Its low-profile design specifically caters to easier placement beneath vehicles with low ground clearance, streamlining the lifting process.

This floor jack incorporates a highly advanced dual pump system, streamlining the lifting operation by minimizing the effort required. The inclusion of 2-piece knurled handles ensures a secure grip for steady pumping, enhancing overall stability and control. Additionally, the jack features a foam-padded bumper designed to safeguard the vehicle body from scratches, while its rubber pads offer superior friction for added protection during use.

Reasons to buy

  • Extra heavy-duty and low profile jack for higher efficiency
  • Uses 3 inches ultra-low profile where it provides a higher lifting range up to 20 inches


  • Heavy-duty and rust-resistant steel construction
  • 3-inches low profile design
  • Highly advanced dual pump system
  • 2-piece knurled handles
  • Foam-padded bumper
  • Higher lifting range up to 20 inches
  • Fast lifting with a dual pump system

3. Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack

The Pro-Lift floor jack stands out with its unique low-profile design, showcasing heavy-duty, rust-resistant, and incredibly durable steel construction. Tailored for easy access to vehicles with low ground clearance, this jack offers a lifting range from 3.5 to 14 inches, making it a convenient choice for positioning beneath low-profile vehicles. Its construction is engineered for exceptional torque and longevity, ensuring reliability over extended use.

Incorporating a patented bypass device, this floor jack prevents overpumping, while its built-in safety valve effectively prevents overloading. These features not only enhance performance but also contribute significantly to its durability. With a lifting capacity of 2 tons, this floor jack delivers optimal efficiency whenever vehicle lifting is required for repairs and maintenance tasks.

Reasons to buy

  • Heavy-duty steel construction and a low profile design suitable for lifting low profile vehicles
  • It’s easy to maneuver the jack for precise positioning where it features inbuilt valves for maximum safety


  • Heavy-duty, rust-resistant and highly resilient steel construction
  • Provides a lifting range from 3.5 to 14 inches
  • Patented bypass device
  • Inbuilt safety valve
  • 2-ton floor jack
  • Easy to maneuver the jack

2. Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack

The Blackhawk floor jack is designed to offer the utmost efficiency, featuring robust steel metal construction that ensures optimal strength and resilience. Its heavy-duty build enables an impressive lifting capacity of 7,000 lbs or 3.5 tons, making it well-suited for tasks requiring substantial lifting power. With a lifting range spanning from 5.5 to 22 inches, this jack excels in heavy-lifting applications and demanding tasks.

Equipped with a sturdy, highly resilient swivel saddle, this floor jack provides ample space to securely cradle the base of your vehicle, ensuring safe and stable lifting. Its unique design facilitates swift lifting operations, enhancing overall efficiency. The pump incorporates a bypass device to prevent overpumping, while the built-in safety valve and vent plug work in tandem to prevent overloading, ensuring safe and long-lasting operations.

Reasons to buy

  • Robust and heavy-duty steel construction that provides the maximum torque of 7000lbs for heavy lifting
  • Features exclusive safety mechanism that includes an inbuilt safety valve and bypass device


  • Robust and optimal strength steel metal construction
  • Higher lifting capacity of 7,000 lbs or 3.5 tons
  • Higher lifting range of 5.5 to 22 inches
  • Sturdy, highly resilient, and robust swivel saddle
  • Unique design for fast lifting
  • Inbuilt safety valve and vent plug
  • Bypass device

1. Performance Tool Steel TROLLEY Floor JACKS

If you’re in the market for a robust floor jack, the Performance Tool floor jack is worth considering. Constructed from heavy-duty, durable, and rust-resistant flanged steel, this jack is engineered to endure the weight of your vehicle. Its sturdy build ensures optimal strength, boasting a lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs.

Designed for light-duty trucks and cars, this heavy-duty floor jack features a secure and comfortable tight-grip handle, providing stability and ease of use during operations. With a lifting range extending from 5 to 15.5 inches, it accommodates a wide range of vehicle types, making it a versatile choice for lifting needs. Additionally, the jack is equipped with an overload safety valve, prioritizing maximum protection and safety during vehicle lifting tasks.

Reasons to buy

  • Sturdy and robust industrial-grade steel construction that delivers optimal power for heavy load lifting
  • Comes with a 2-piece knurled handle that offers a good grip with foam bumper that prevents vehicle body damages


  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting and rust-resistant flanged steel frame
  • Highly resilient construction
  • Lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs
  • Tight grip handle
  • Higher lifting range of 5 -15.5 inches
  • Overload safety valve

Floor Jack Buyer’s Guide

  • Performance: When seeking a dependable floor jack, prioritize one equipped with advanced technology that facilitates rapid and high-performance lifting.
  • Safety: Ensure the chosen floor jack incorporates essential safety features such as safety valves, bypass devices, and overload valves to guarantee maximum safety during usage. Look for models with bumper padding to prevent any scratches or damage to your vehicle’s body.
  • Efficiency: Opt for handles designed for efficiency, featuring extended and knurled designs that enable effective lifting with minimal energy input. Look for a jack with handles that offer a secure grip to prevent slippage and a broader lifting range suitable for both low-profile and high-profile vehicles.
  • Capacity: Seek a floor jack constructed from robust, heavy-duty, and highly resilient metals capable of enduring heavy lifting tasks. Choose a jack with a higher lifting capacity for added convenience, ensuring smooth and controlled operations.


When facing car repair situations, a reliable floor jack significantly simplifies the process of lifting your vehicle. The above review highlights the top floor jacks currently available in the market, offering assistance whenever you need to undertake repairs or change a tire. These recommended floor jacks are readily accessible in the market, presenting a blend of quality and affordability. You can easily select and purchase any of these options today to enhance your car maintenance experience.


What is the best brand of floor jack?

Determining the “best” brand of floor jack can depend on various factors, including personal preferences, specific needs, and budget. Some reputable brands known for producing quality floor jacks include Arcan, Hein-Werner, Powerbuilt, Craftsman, and Blackhawk.

Which brand is best for a hydraulic jack?

Several brands are recognized for their quality hydraulic jacks. Some top brands known for their hydraulic jack offerings include Omega, Torin, Pro-Lift, Pittsburgh Automotive, and Sunex.

Is a low-profile floor jack better?

A low-profile floor jack is advantageous for vehicles with limited ground clearance, as it allows easier access for lifting. It’s particularly useful for sports cars or vehicles with lowered suspensions. However, the choice between a low-profile and a standard floor jack depends on the specific vehicle you intend to lift.

Is a 2-ton floor jack enough for a car?

In most cases, a 2-ton floor jack is sufficient for lifting regular cars, sedans, and smaller vehicles. However, for larger vehicles like trucks or SUVs, especially those with heavier weight, you might want to consider a higher capacity floor jack, such as a 3-ton or higher, to ensure safe and efficient lifting without exceeding the jack’s capacity. Always refer to your vehicle’s weight and the floor jack’s specifications to ensure compatibility and safety.

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